Importance of Regular AC Maintenance

Wednesday, 25 July 2018 10:41

For people exposed to the scorching heat of the sun, nothing can be a bigger relief than returning home to the comfort of a working, quick cooling air conditioner. A cooling system aids a comfortable lifestyle by letting us relax and rejuvenate after spending time in unbearable outdoor temperatures and humidity. However, if the air conditioners are not scheduled for annual tune-ups, they might lead to insufficient cooling, expensive repair bills or even complete breakdowns. Hence arranging for timely maintenance will not only enhance the functioning of the system but also reap numerous benefits in the long run. Keep reading further to understand why cleaning an air conditioner should be of utmost importance to users:

  • Longevity of appliance: The air filters and outdoor condensers of an air conditioner have the tendency to accumulate a lot of dust and debris on their surface, which obstructs airflow and pushes the system to work harder. The dust build-up also slackens the pace of cooling, adding to a great deal of discomfort. Therefore, scheduling routine inspections on your system’s filters, ducts and compressors can help maintain the efficiency and increase the durability of the machinery.
  • Energy efficiency reduces power bills: An air conditioner with clean air filters and lubricated condenser coils will consume less energy to operate smoothly and will accelerate the process of cooling. The desired temperature will be reached quicker, resulting in the compressor having to work less, which in turn will reduce your energy consumption and power bills.
  • Health benefits: Unlike an ill maintained system which causes indoor air pollution, a clean air conditioner will decontaminate the air by lowering the fraction of airborne pollutants such as dust, dirt, bugs and other allergens to maintain a healthy ambience. Improved air quality will help occupants prevent respiratory ailments like asthma attacks, allergies and other breathing disorders.
  • Minimizing environmental hazards: It is a well-known fact that the benefits we derive from modern technology come at the cost of our environment. Unclean air conditioners draw more energy. And the compounded effect of thousands of inefficient ACs across a region indirectly results in global warming due to a higher rate of energy consumption. On the other hand, a clean air conditioner bestows dual benefits - it ensures zero energy wastage and reduces the impact on global warming.

Although some people prefer to clean their air conditioners by themselves, there are a few critical tasks that require expert supervision. A person without technical know-how might be prone to the perils of risky procedures but hiring an experienced technician will nullify the chances of falling prey to concentrated chemicals and electric shocks. If at any time your system begins to wear off, our professionals at OkSir are just a click away.

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