OnDemand Services Marketplace “OkSir” Launches in Hong Kong(Published By OkSir, Hong Kong)

Friday, 06 October 2017 05:49

With a growing list of first class features, the app aims to enhance the city’s unorganised service economy to an organised one and overall quality of life, contributing to Hong Kong’s role as a hub of innovation in business and technology in Asia.

Hong Kong, 6 October 2017 – International mobile application-based On demand services marketplace OkSir makes its foray into the Far East officially with its Hong Kong launch and Hong Kong as its Headquarters.

The app, which was soft-launched in Hong Kong in August this year, offers customers a convenient and efficient platform to connect with thousands of service providers throughout the city to fill a wide range of daily household and personal needs, spanning housekeeping, beauty, automotive, and electrical/mechanical services, among many others.

OkSir’s primary objective is to enhance the quality of life in Hong Kong and will be available worldwide by giving customers a real-time, one-stop platform to connect with vendors of virtually any type of service from anywhere in the city, at any time.

Founder and CEO Arun Kapoor established the platform in May of 2015, quickly extending its reach across five cities in India. The technology entrepreneur soon took steps to bring OkSir to Hong Kong, the fast-paced global village of more than five million smartphone users, with a considerable demand for reliable service vendors.

Hong Kong presents a unique challenge and opportunity, with its technology-savvy and very busy population. “We are here to bring a wide range of need-of-the-hour services that are convenient, secure, professional and transparent to the public, including laundry, cleaning, car grooming, babysitting, computer repair, and many more.,” says Mr Kapoor.

OkSir’s platform has proven to be an ideal tool to bring consumers and vendors together. More than 6,000 vendors in the Hong Kong have been using the app to offer a diverse menu of tasks ranging from simple errands like China visa applications to all product repairs, pest control, window inspection and more, all within a tap away.

“On the vendor side, we offer a robust and exclusive marketing platform. Vendors can set their own menu card, make their own groups who can see him real time, his availability and prices and ultimately develop their own customer base. The app also has a unique ranking system that promotes vendors in their own region, within their own locality, with their own contacts. This is how they’re able to get more business effectively,” he adds.

The app’s user-friendly interface allows for instant booking, scheduling, and payment, which currently accepts Paypal and credit cards, and will soon include other modes such as mobile payment apps. The second phase will include web browser accessibility, social media integration, and other features to further improve the user experience.

OkSir is currently available on Android and iOS. The brand officially launches in Hong Kong this October, bringing the next level of convenience to individuals and households citywide.

About OkSir
OkSir is an on-demand real time online based marketplace that seamlessly connects customers to service professionals through the OkSir app, which offers more than 300 services with over 50,000 registered vendors globally. It was Beta launched in 2015 in India by Arun Kapoor, who also founded India’s first online Technology Mall called Gadgets Guru. For more information kindly visit www.oksir.com

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