Tips to make doing Laundry a pleasurable experience

Wednesday, 12 September 2018 12:25

Laundry isn’t the most exciting household chore. The amount of time the entire process takes, especially if you group and wash your loads separately, can be quite a lot. We have some handy tips for you to make the laundry process more efficient and less painful, and maybe even a bit enjoyable!

  • Create your own laundry schedule: Depending on the working hours and headcount of your family, chalk out a laundry schedule which will take you through the rest of the week. If there are 3-5 members in your family, washing multiple loads every alternate day can be quite practical. Or if your family has a headcount of six members and above, doing two loads per day will allow you to have a set of clean laundry for the upcoming week. But make sure that you finish through the entire process -washing, drying and putting away clothes to avoid ending up with a heap of unorganized items.
  • Sort your clothes into colour-coded hampers: Rather than wasting time separating dirty laundry, invest in a few coloured laundry baskets which will do the sorting for you. Assign separate baskets for whites, light colours and darker shades. Also single out one for keeping kitchen towels, dusters and greased rags. This trick will speed up your laundry process since you won’t spend as much time arranging and sorting laundry before putting each load into the washer.
  • Do not overdo your laundry duty: There is no hard and fast rule that you have to wash every single piece of your clothing after one-time use. Some of our garments like shirts, jackets, denim pants and trousers can pull through multiple wears. Check if they’re stained or have a foul odor. If they don’t, there’s absolutely no harm in reusing them – sometimes the need to wash can be psychological and depends from person to person. Likewise, bed sheets and pillow covers can be washed once or twice a week depending on the quality and your personal comfort level.
  • Remove stains instantly: Stains, if left untreated for a long time can make permanent marks on your garments. To prevent this from happening, try to treat a stain as soon as possible with whatever is available with you at the time – even if it’s just water and a napkin. Nowadays stain removal pens have eased the process of treating greasy spots, but if you do not own one, other household items like- lemon juice, club soda, nail polish removers, hairspray, ammonia, white vinegar, white chalk, hydrogen peroxide and soda powder can remove the most stubborn stains for you.
  • Wash everything in a systematic manner: If you are inexperienced at doing laundry, follow these three simple steps before starting with the process. First, always check the pockets of your shirts, trousers and blazers before putting them in the washer, so that you do not end up ruining valuables. Second, turn garments inside out to limit colour fading and avoid wear and tear on their outer surface. Third, stuff all delicates in a small mesh pouch, zip it up and then put it into the washer along with the load. This way, the fragile items will not end up hidden or hooked on to other garments. Also, always follow the instructions provided on the fabric care labels. If certain items require special treatments like ‘hand-wash’ or ‘dry clean’, it is advisable to stick to those instructions and wash accordingly.
  • Set the correct water temperature: To prevent the clothes from fading and shrinking, it is very important to select the right water temperature for each load of laundry. While cold water works best with silks, woolen items, and denims, warm water can work wonders with whites and lights. Similarly, hot water should be used for bedding and kitchen towels and also for clothes which are heavily stained with oil or grease.
  • Use the right amount of detergent: People often tend to use a lot of detergent for washing their clothes, whereas the same level of cleaning can be achieved with half the prescribed amount. Using too much of detergent can make fabrics lose their sheen and become stiff. Similarly, using excessive amounts of fabric softeners can leave residue on the cloth fibres and make them lose their absorbency. Therefore, cut down on the use of detergent and substitute distilled white vinegar for fabric softeners, to make clothes last longer and save some money in the long run.
  • No fold laundry system: folding and putting away clothes is undoubtedly the most resentful part of the laundry process. Removing clothes from the dryer as soon as its done makes clothes very easy to fold away and keep wrinkle free, while they’re nice and warm. Try and maintain a process in which each family member receives all their clothes together in a basket and has immediate access to empty hangers. Baby items hardly get wrinkled and do not need to be folded at all. Daily wear items like t-shirts, trousers, socks can be directly tossed into the baskets. However, be careful about selecting the right kind of hangers for carrying shirts, as thin wire hangers can set some stretch marks on shoulders.

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