Work opportunities rise with OkSir’s Hong Kong launch(Published By OkSir, Hong Kong)

Monday, 20 November 2017 10:17

[Work opportunities rise with OkSir’s Hong Kong launch]

Mobile app provides jobs to more than 6,000 professionals in the city.

Hong Kong, 20 November 2017 – Living and working in the busy Hong Kong metropolis has recently become much less cumbersome, with the arrival of OkSir. The newly launched mobile app is rapidly gaining favor on either side of the service economy as an effective platform for talented professionals to offer services while curbing marketing and rental expenses.
As online marketplaces and mobile platforms continue to revolutionize how people find lodging and hire transport worldwide, OkSir offers a real-time, 24/7 on-demand portal to more than 6,000 service providers across the city, filling a variety of needs spanning simple errands to complex professional work.

The app covers several categories, which include A/C repair, basic cleaning, China visa assistance, drivers, electricians, finance & legal consultants, hair services, infant care, laundry, massage, nail art, pest control, queuing, storage, and translation, to name a few.

Straightforward convenience
After downloading OkSir, users are asked to select between English and Chinese language settings. The app will then request for the user’s location to help find nearby service provider's. Users must then sign up either as a customer or vendor(referred to as an “OKMAN”) to gain further access to the app’s features. A one-time password(OTP) is generated and sent via SMS to confirm the user’s mobile number.

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Selecting a category displays a list of services from different providers, and various details about their offerings, including prices and the amount of time needed to complete each task, offering customers options and transparency. Upon request — a process which can take only one minute — an OkMan accepts the job and arrives at the scheduled time, which can be as early as two hours after booking.

The OkMan is paid as soon as the user clicks “job done”. The fee is paid entirely through the app, except when there are additional expenses incurred by a customer’s on-site requests. Users can also rate their experience, allowing the app to track and gauge their vendors’ performance. Quality assurance and reliability are of high importance to OkSir. It is the only app of its kind which offer customers a money-back guarantee.

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Better business for vendors
While OkSir proves highly beneficial for consumer's, it brings significant contributions on the vendor side, thus trimming unemployment in the economy. The app has allowed service providers of different capacities across sectors to reach untapped customer segments within and even outside their local areas.

Being an OKMAN affords a way to uplift a vendor’s brand as one must undergo a stringent process of verification, training, and accreditation to get onboard the platform. Vendors gain recognition for jobs well done through the app’s rating feature, which in turn allows them to continually grow their business both in terms of customer acquisition and in setting prices. A streamlined system allows for on-time payment, and vendors receive expansive support.

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Moreover, there is no upfront investment on the OKMAN’s part, allowing savings on promotional materials such as leaflets, advertising and other marketing tools. A number have already reported a significant increase in engagements and opportunities by using OkSir. Its many marketing and organizational functionalities make it a robust business tool for the city’s service providers, more than a handful of observers already note OkSir’s significance in boosting Hong Kong’s services economy.


The OkSir app is now available for Android and iOS.

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